Dyce Amateur Swimming Club

Welcome to Dyce Amateur Swimming Club


Dyce ASC was established in 1977 and is one of the many great swimming clubs in Scotland that have produced some very talented swimmers over the years, up to National & Commonwealth level. We are a friendly/fun promoting club, and we do our best to make sure every one of our swimmers enjoys themselves!

We are a SwiMark Plus accredited club based at Aberdeen Sports village (ASV) with around 80 swimmers in our competitive squads. We have a good group of UKCC registered coaches and assistants ranging in experience.

The club has 3 Junior Squads, with designated coaches for each squad. Swimmers start about club ready level and progress through all squads and can be selected to continue on into University of Aberdeen elite training squads.  We also have a Masters squad for age 16+ with swimmers wanting to keep fit up to competition standard.

We aim to continue our success at District & National level and hopefully even further. Contact our membership secretary if you are interested in joining our growing team.

Dyce ASC

Sociable - Enjoyable - Competitive - Tough!

This website is out of date and will be replaced soon.

Please see our facebook page “Dyce amateur swimming club” or contact  Stuart    dyceascmemberships@hotmail.com for more information.